With the NEOWorks application, you can easily track employees, contractors, vendors, visitors and more.  NEOWorks allows users to enter a Work Order to more formally track and schedule people activities or users can opt to make changes to people locations without initiating a Work Order; in this case, a Work Order number is issued, however, no notifications are sent to the person(s) moving or support team members.

Visitors and vendors can be tracked through NEOWorks using the Visitor/Vendor Kiosk where visitors and vendors are tracked and the Kiosk Admin user(s) can administer their activities while on site.  Additionally, the NEOWorks Kiosk can be utilized for employees and contractors who have permanent badges but need a temporary badge.  A single or multiple Kiosks can be set up and NEOWorks Kiosks support touch screen monitors or tablets.  The NEOWorks Kiosk maintains history on who has been in a facility and who they are visiting for metrics as well as status on who is in the facility at any given timeframe.