The team at NEOWorks understands how busy you are and we developed a process to minimize the steps to start using NEOWorks. NEOWorks does not require any data other than data that you would like to use to track, integrate, report, dashboard and more. Typically, our clients want to see their floor plans with people locations, but this information is not required. If you do want to see this data, you simply provide the following and in ten (10) days or less, you will have access to whatever data you have provided us:

  1. Spreadsheet with the people information including first name, last name, unique identifier and preferably an email address (used for notifications).
  2. Floor plans, preferably in dwg format, or Visio, pdf, etc.
  3. List of who has access (unlimited users) to start using NEOWorks
    1. Facilities
    2. Admins
    3. IT
    4. Contractors
    5. Management
    6. Executive

NEOWorks Admin allows users to set up features unique to a user such as the Dashboard.  The NEOWorks site has all features included and can be used as needed.

Contact Us to Easily and Quickly Find Out How to Start Using NEOWorks in 10 Days or Less