NEO’s origins began in commercial project management; i.e. construction, consolidations, furniture, equipment, technology, security and more in the workplace for corporations nationally.  We continued to expand our services to include staffing for facilities and for the last 18 years have developed and supported NEOWorks, a subscription based application that is a robust, easy to use web application and includes years of practitioner experience to support business as usual and project processes related to real estate, facilities, security, technology, environmental health safety initiatives.

Our culture is unique in our approach to everything we do.  We work hard, smart and manage to enjoy what we are doing.  Our clients tell us that not only do they hire us for our knowledge, expertise and mantra to always do what we say we are going to do, but because we bring a fun, collaborative approach to getting hard, stressful work done while meeting budget and timelines.  We are proactive so we don’t have surprises that can cause downtime, increase costs and create an unhappy team.

NEOWorks was born out of this value system and as practitioners, we have included many processes through the NEOWorks tool to help our clients complete their goals and objectives quicker and for less money.