Your workplace data; i.e. people, places and things, typically in a variety of forms and from a myriad of owners, can easily be exported in batch style or entered one off into NEOWorks.  Then, depending who has user access and rights, all, who may now only enjoy a part of the data and have few resources to update it, can have real time, accurate workplace data on line for many functions.  NEOWorks is not only a tool, but includes valuable tested processes in our design to verify and correct the data on a perpetual basis so the online data is always current and accurate.

NEOWorks, a cloud based knowledge and service application, is used to track your companies’ most valuable assets; the employee/contractor, their workplace environment, the fixed assets to aid their work and the daily requirements they experience in enhancing their contribution and productivity.

This highly organized process of identifying, qualifying, queuing, communicating, assigning and executing those demand requirements as well as moves, adds and changes, in today’s dynamic work environment, is the simplification and collaboration of otherwise disjointed tasks, thereby saving you time, money and resources.