NEOWorks is a database of buildings and floor plans and can be tracked down to a location on a floor allowing for clients to track people, places and things through a Work Order system or by updating the database locations.  Some clients only want to track down to the building or floor level; for example, in a plant or manufacturing environment.  NEOWorks supports all levels of tracking from a specific location, whether permanently on site, remote or hoteling to generic locations such as in a particular buildings and NEOWorks supports multiple locations.

If floor plans are loaded in NEOWorks, NEOWorks can track square footage of a total building, floor, room location, by department, neighborhood, charge back or any criteria a client may prefer.  Floor plans can be viewed, printed in a wide range of formats including export to CAD and zoom view.  The data on the floor plan can be linked to other data in NEOWorks for bi-directional use, including dashboards and reporting which are exportable.