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Track People, Places and Things

Do you use separate spreadsheets, applications and databases to track people, places and things?  Would you like to track people, places and things in a single database with unlimited users for much less than you may think, with no additional expenses for set up, training or support and available to you on line and ready to use within a few weeks?  NEOWorks has been vetted for over twenty years and we have benchmarked incredible start ups to help our users start using NEOWorks immediately upon receiving a login.

Are You Putting Off Subscribing to An Application Because of The Cost, Time or Learning Curve

NEO believes and has time tested NEOWorks, an easy to learn and use, cost effective web application to support a wide range of services utilized on a daily basis in any work environment.  NEOWorks integrates workflow between employees, contractors, visitors and vendors as well as updates floor plans, report, dashboards real time in a central database.  This cross-section of disciplines provides for an application that can be used by many for a single cost which spreads the cost of ownership across your footprint.  A representative user list includes facilities’ managers and their team, real estate, technology, HR, EHS, security, vendors, contractors, employees, neighborhood managers and basically anyone who is a contributor to business as usual work and projects.

If You Are Managing a Facility, What Keeps You Up at Night

As a Facilities Manager, you are tasked with many things during any given day which we call workload.  NEO has developed a cloud based application, NEOWorks, from years of experience in the field including processes and tools to help you do your work more effectively.  NEOWorks is the culmination of our expertise in working with small to large companies providing project management in the areas of IT, security, facilities, real estate, EHS, construction and a wide range of specialty projects in data consolidation and output.

NEOWorks allows you to manage day to day activities and projects in a single application that is easy to learn and use.  Do you know where your people sit, either at a company or remote site, where your assets are located, what are my vacancies, what is my utilization and more.