NEOWorks™ is an intuitive, cutting-edge, web-based application that is completely user-friendly and yet robust enough to meet the most sophisticated needs of your business.

“The people of NEO are truly project management professionals in every sense of the designation, and we strongly recommend NEO for any complex and difficult project.”

NEO, Inc. is a leading provider of workplace integration solutions for corporate, healthcare, higher education, and government institutions.

Our services include state-of-the-art project management solutions, real-time web-based technologies and tailor-made optimized techniques and processes for the world’s most competitive organizations.


Finally, there is an application that gives you the help you need where you really need it.

With NEOWorks™ there is no need for expensive out-of-the-box applications that are too complicated to master and can easily become shelf-ware. Developed by practitioners and inspired by the financial model, NEOWorks™ now brings simple software solutions to the lay user.